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  • How do I determine the best time to retire?
  • Which retirement income options are best for me and my family?
  • How is my pension calculated, and what if I’ve been both hourly and salary?
  • How can I avoid tax implications with my SRA?
  • What are some advanced strategies for my Dominion Savings Plan?
  • What is the leveling option offered by Dominion?
  • When should Social Security be taken by me or my spouse?
  • What supplements are available if I’m a union member or previous union member?

No matter where you are on your financial journey, we are here to help you lay the groundwork. If you’re just getting started in planning or you are nearing retirement and need help understanding your goals, we can help you move forward.

We’ve helped Dominion employees, accumulate their retirement savings, understand their benefits and address their pension plan options. In addition to providing personalized services, our educational seminars offer opportunities to learn more about your benefits, as well as a variety of financial planning topics.

Financial Consultants of America


2104 West Laburnum Avenue | Suite 101
 Richmond, VA 23227



We have three decades of experience helping Dominion employees, including those who are:

Getting Ready for Retirement

Long-Term Goal Planning

Organizing Insurance Details

Financial Consultants of America are not endorsed by, retained by, or affiliated with Dominion Energy or IBEW. Advisory services offered through, f3Logic, a registered investment advisor. Securities offered through Independent Financial Group, LLC (IFG), a registered broker-dealer. Member FINRA/SIPC. FCA, f3Logic, and IFG are unaffiliated entities. OSJ Branch: 12671 High Bluff Dr. Ste 200 San Diego, CA.